May 312013

WHAT IS BLUE SPINEL DIAMOND?: Spinel is a gemstone that was commonly mistaken as ruby or sapphire because spinel is most famous for its deep red that closely resembles ruby. These two gemstones can be very difficult to distinguish. But unlike ruby or saphhire, spinel is never heated or treated in any way. With spinel’s increasing popularity most gem dealers find it hard to stock spinel gemstones. The natural spinel is not common in the mass market causing the supply to be limited that’s why most jewelry stores don’t carry it.

Both Blue and Red Spinels are the rarest of the family and considered premium gemstones. There are actually very few gems which occur naturally in blue like blue sapphire, which is the most famous. But blue topaz is the result of irradiation treatment, and tanzanite must be heated before it turns blue.

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Blue Spinel Diamond Vintage Ring

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