Feb 282013
bride jewel hair piece

We all know that the wedding dress is ultimately one of the most awaited pieces on a wedding day.  However, smaller details such as the bride hair ornaments should not be ignored either.

Let’s stop and imagine that you’re the bride. During  the ceremony, when you are in front of the altar and facing against your guests, it is your back and hair that they mostly see.   When you do your “first dance”, it is again the hair and back that your guests would mostly see.  Therefore, it is also important to not only pay attention to your wedding dress but also put details on your hair by using hair ornaments or a hair jewel.  For bridal hair jewelry, I prefer something dramatic, memorable and shiny with crystal stones on it.

Below is a handmade bridal feathers hair accessory I found or a bridal crystal comb that would surely flatter your overall look as a bride.

bride jewel hair piece

Photo Credit: Ebay.com seller bijouxandcouture

What I like about this special handmade bridal hairpiece is not only it is gorgeous for your hair as a bride, but you can re-purpose it by removing the white feathers and leave only the huge crystal clip on it. This way you can use it on parties and other special occasion. It will surely be purposeful and worth it.

This item is available only on eBay for a limited time!

If you don’t see the image below, Click Here For More Information About This Item

If you don’t see the image above, Click Here For More Information About This Item

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