The Art of Getting What You Want Through Accessories


“Within 5 seconds of meeting someone, you make a lasting impression based on the following order: First, how you look, second how you sound and third what you say.”

Wearing accessories is very important because it can be used as the unspoken instrument of asking and receiving joy, luck, love and success. Accessories are not just an addition to the outfit. Accessories are sometimes more important than the outfit as it reveals your current status in life, mindset and where you are heading in life more than the outfit itself.

First identify who you are…

– Are you adventurous, artistic, up-beat, sophisticated, an achiever?  Identifying your qualities will help you pick what accessories are harmonious to your appearance.  You don’t wear accessories based on moods only.   Instead, wear accessories according to your comfort, identity and intentions.  If the accessories and the personality show balance and harmony, it usually is followed by an easy meeting, a light impression and a positive vibe.

Second identify what you want.  What you want to achieve or what you want in life!

– Do you want to make a great first impression on a job interview, stand out at a social event, achieve serenity, attract love, meet new people, etc. Once you identify what you want to achieve, wear accessories that reveals those intentions.

–  It is important that your appearance convey what you want to put out to the world!

Here’s another example:

Identify first who you are. You are polished, elegant and sophisticated (wear something silver).  Next, identify what you want to achieve – Example, you are looking for love and romance.  Try wearing accessories with pink as pink signifies love and romance.  Pink also has a calming effect, then match it with something silver or metallic to represent your intentions. It can be soft pink earrings with silver lining or fuchsia purse with metallic studs.   Pink brings out smiles from people, while silver invokes elegance and sophistication.  This color balance may help you get a more positive experience from a date without looking aggressive (like color red) or too aloof or serious (like color black).

How to use the power of accessories

While perceptions of colors are somewhat subjective, there are some color effects that have universal meanings:

For example:

Identify first who you are.  Let’s say you’re, calm, cultured and down-to-earth.  You may want to wear accessories with color brown in it to keep your mantra in balance with how you feel and who you are.  Then say that you have identified what you want; now you need to identify what you want to achieve. So for example, you want to close a business deal, excel in public speaking or give the impression that your service or product to an A and B market is of high quality. Therefore, you may want to wear accessories with a touch of gold because gold invokes the feeling of prestige, success, achievement and triumph.  It often symbolizes high quality.  In short, wear an accessory that has something brown and gold in it.

This is a quick overview how you can achieve your goals and intentions through colors and accessories.

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